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We’ll Bring the Landscape of Your Dreams to Life

Callahan’s Landscape Management provides landscaping services in Manteo, NC

Are you tired of making excuses for your lackluster landscape? Callahan’s Landscape Management, LLC offers landscaping services designed to enhance the look of your yard in Manteo, NC.

We can install a wide variety of landscape features in your yard. No matter what kind of features you want installed, we can make it happen. We can install sod, mulch, flower beds, trees and hardscaping features to create a landscape that will fill your neighbors with envy.

We’ll also come up with a landscape maintenance plan to keep your landscape looking gorgeous. Get the ball rolling on your landscape design project by contacting us today at 252-473-7335.

What kind of fertilizer is right for your yard?

Callahan’s Landscape Management provides lawn fertilization services to homeowners and business owners in the Manteo, NC area. Fertilizing your lawn two to three times a year will give your grass the nutrients it needs to maintain deep roots and strong, full blades. 

The three main types of fertilizers include:

  • Nitrogen-which helps grass grow and become greener
  • Phosphorous-which stimulates root growth and seed development
  • Potassium-which promotes disease and drought tolerance

We’ll decide which kind of fertilizer your grass needs when we’re done putting together you personalized lawn treatment program.